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Call For New Members: Vietnam Young Academy 2016

Discussion in 'Thông báo từ thành viên' started by tranduy, Mar 1, 2016.

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    Dear Vietnamese PhD fellows,

    The 2016 call for new members to join the Vietnam Young Academy (VYA) is now open. Applications are sought from young, independent scholars who combine the highest level of research excellence with a demonstrated passion for delivering impact.

    Research fields: The call is open to all scholars working in any research-based discipline, including natural and applied sciences, medicine and healthcare, engineering, social sciences, social science including the arts and humanities.

    Excellence: Eligible candidates must be able to demonstrate a high level of excellence in their discipline.

    Education: Eligible candidates should hold PhD Degree.

    Age: When applying for membership, candidates should have biological age less than 40 year old at the time of application

    Diversity: We encourage applications from all qualified candidates. Applications from women, researchers in the social sciences, arts and humanities, scholars working in government, industry, and non-governmental sectors, and from candidates in regions where the VYA has no current representation are particularly welcome.

    Expectations: Each VYA member is expected to attend the VYA Annual General Meeting each year and is also expected to actively contribute to one or more of the organization’s programs, which include participation in policy development, change of regulations and more importantly, supporting knowledge exchange between Vietnam-based academics and Vietnamese academics working globally whilst maintaining active links with Vietnamese and international science organisations. The VYA is an active working group, and being a member requires a time commitment on each member’s part.

    Applications should be completed personally by the candidate and must be accompanied by an academic curriculum vitae and a brief covering letter. Application forms and instructions can be downloaded from http://vietnamyoungacademy.org and should be emailed to contact.VYA@gmail.com. The deadline for application will be midnight the 16th March 2016 (GMT).


    Vietnam Young Academy, or “Viện Hàn Lâm Trẻ Việt Nam”, was established in November 2014, as part of the Global Young Academy. The VYA aims:
    - To promote science and technology, education and improve science policy, and research environment in Vietnam by providing a platform for discussions on topics of national and global importance.

    - To maintain active links with Vietnamese scientists and international science organisations, become a platform of knowledge exchange between Vietnam-based scholars and Vietnamese scholars working globally.

    VYA members are selected for two-year terms and can be extended based on application but no longer than 5 years. Otherwise, members will automatically become alumni of Vietnam Young Academy. There is no membership fees for member. Vietnam Young Academy’s membership is limited in total of 50 places.

    Other candidates could also apply as friend of Vietnam Young Academy. Friends of VYA are currently open for individual of any ages, education background and working nature. Friend of Vietnam Young Academy can apply for full membership if his/her profile meets the requirement and pass the selection process. Application is always opened via our website and there is no limit for the number and term for friend of Vietnam Young Academy. For more information on the Vietnam Young Academy, please visit http://vietnamyoungacademy.org.

    Thank you for your consideration and we are looking forward to receive your application,

    Duy Phu Tran (Eng., PhD)

    General Secretary of Vietnam Young Academy

    Website: http://vietnamyoungacademy.org

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